Whether you are on vacation or want a day out in the water, a charter fishing trip is an exciting and fun activity. It allows you to go into the water and see fish species rarely seen offshore. A fishing charter is not always about fishing, as you enjoy the sea breeze and the warm sun in the waters. It is a fun activity to do with your friends, colleagues, or even family.

Whether you are new or a veteran angler Captain Mike and his team ensure that your fishing encounter is one you will never forget. Captain Mike offers near-shore and Tampa bay inshore charter fishing trips depending on your preferences. Here is everything you need to know about a fishing charter with Captain Mike before making your booking.



Captain Mike is a professional fishing guide and has been a fisherman for over 30 years in the water of the Tampa Bay area. He is familiar with almost all the fishing holes in these waters. He caters to a wide variety of clients, from tourists, families, and business teams building friends’ trips.

Captain Mike’s pick-up points are near Anna Maria Island, depending on where you live and if you want near shore or Tampa Bay inshore charter. His fishing guide services are friendly to all, and he is an outstanding teacher to inexperienced fishermen clients.


How to prepare for a fishing charter trip

If you are going for a charter fishing trip in the morning, ensure you get enough sleep, so you don’t miss out on the next day in the morning. Make sure you dress appropriately; no matter how nice the weather looks, it can quickly change when in the sea. If you opt for Tampa Bay inshore charter, wearing some warm garments and waterproof layers will ensure you are comfortable the whole time. Please wear adjustable clothes, for example, shirts with foldable sleeves in case it gets hot or pants that are foldable to shorts. Sunglasses and other sun protection products are essential. You don’t have to worry about a fish license cooler or ice, as Captain Mike will provide you with them.



On a fishing charter, captain Mike goes into the water before picking his clients and collecting live bait. This makes it easy for as soon as you start your Tampa Bay inshore charter, you can start fishing as soon as you navigate the first fishing hole. If you are inexperienced in fishing, captain mike is very willing to teach you, and he is very patient even if you are a slow learner. Other services include sightseeing, eco trips, or sunsets. For any service you require, Captain Mike is flexible and ready to adjust to satisfy your needs. After, your fishing captain, Mike, will help you filet and pack your fish.

Fishing charter trips are fun and a great way to relax your mind and enjoy the sea. When booking a charter fishing Tampa bay, you must ensure you book it from a captain who guarantees your safety and complete services.

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