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Captain Mike is a professional Tampa Bay fishing guide that offers inshore fishing charters, Tampa flats fishing, and nearshore fishing charters throughout the Tampa Bay area. Mike is an expert charter fishing captain with over 30 years experience fishing the waters of Tampa Bay and he’s always courteous with his fishing guests. Mike’s Tampa Bay fishing charter service caters to anglers of all skill levels, so if you’re in town on vacation or business give him a call if you want to go fishing. Captain Mike’s Fishing Guide Service is a Kid Friendly fishing service and Mike loves to teach children how to catch fish. He uses freshly caught live bait, almost exclusively. Before your fishing trip is scheduled to start, Mike goes out early to catch fresh live bait, so you can start fishing when you arrive at the first fishing spot.


In-Sore Fishing

Florida in-shore fishing is a type of fishing that typically takes place within a mile or two from the coast, in water less than 30 feet deep. It can include fishing in bays, canals, and tidal creeks, among other habitats. This type of fishing is especially popular in the Gulf of Mexico and the Tampa Bay, where anglers can target a variety of species such as snook, redfish, and tarpon, among others.

In-shore fishing in Florida requires a different set of tactics than open water fishing. Anglers may need to use lighter tackle and smaller lures, and be prepared for a lot of casting. The waters around the shoreline tend to be calmer than those further out, so it’s important book your fishing charted with the professionals at Tampa Bay Captain for wind direction and current to find the best spot. Additionally, knowing where the fish may be hiding is key to success—utilizing shallow mangrove shorelines or grass flats can help anglers get close to their catch.

The rewards of in-shore fishing are plenty—it’s a great way for those who live near the coast to get out and experience the beauty of their surroundings, as well as have a chance to catch some delicious fish. With the right technique and knowledge, anglers can make the most of their guided fishing trip.

Off-Shore Fishing

Florida off-shore fishing refers to fishing activities carried out at sea, away from the shore. Florida’s location on the Gulf Coast of the United States makes it a popular destination for anglers, with its warm waters and abundance of fish species. Common fish species sought after by anglers include, grouper, cobia, king mackerel & snapper. Bottom fishing for species like grouper and snapper is a known favorite for Captain Mike Turner. Tampa Bay Captain is always prepared with plenty of live bait for targeting King Mackerel & Cobia.

Tampa Bay Captain Fishing charters are available for those who would like to enjoy a guided fishing trip. Off-shore fishing in Florida is a great way to not only catch some big fish, but also experience the stunning beauty of the Florida coast.

Flats Fishing

Florida Flats Fishing is a popular angling technique that involves targeting fish in shallow waters. Captain Mike Turners Privateer boat is perfect for this type of fishing.

Some of the most commonly targeted species are snook, tarpon, spotted sea trout, and redfish. This type of fishing requires an intimate knowledge of the area and the behavior of the fish, making it a challenging but rewarding activity. There are several different approaches to flats fishing, such as sight-casting and live chumming, depending on what kind of species you hope to target. In addition to proper tackle and lures, having good polarized sunglasses is essential for flats fishing and will help you spot fish in the shallow waters. With your Tampa Bay Captain professional fishing guide anyone can have success with flats fishing in Florida.

Fish Species


The Tampa Bay fish we target varies depending on the season and your desire. We commonly fish for Snook, Redfish, Sea Trout, and Tarpon inshore. Near shore we catch Grouper, Snapper, Permit, Cobia, and King Mackerel.

Captain Mike


Captain Mike Turner is a 3rd generation native of the Tampa Bay area, and has been fishing his entire life. He has an incredible knowledge and passion for showing clients the fishing action that the Tampa Bay waters have to offer.

About the boat


Captain Mike’s boat is a spacious 24ft Privateer Renegade with a full tower that allows for ease of navigation and spotting fish. His boat performs comfortably in both backwater and miles offshore

Fishing Reports

Fishing with Captain Mike in Tampa Bay

Fishing with Captain Mike in Tampa Bay

Are you planning a fun-filled escapade on the sea with the best Tampa Bay fishing boats? Get on board with Captain Mike, a reputable fishing guide committed to making your fishing trip unforgettable. Tampa Bay Captain's years of experience guarantee a thrilling ride...

February Fishing Report

February Fishing Report

Winter time fishing has been in full swing. Then go-to targeted fish this time of year is Sheepshead. This convict striped fish are in the Porgy family and they feed 100 percent on crustations. The bait we use for them almost exclusively is shrimp. Sheepshead can get...

September Fishing Report

September Fishing Report

September is one of my favorite months of the year to fish.  Tampa Bay has many options to offer this time of year.  Mangrove Snapper are always plentiful for the anglers that are interested in harvesting fish for the freezer, Gag Grouper are starting to pour into the...

Winter fishing is on!

Winter fishing is on!

The Fall pattern is giving way way to colder water temps and winter fishing fun. Winter fishing in Tampa Bay is a whole different ball game compared to the rest of the year. There is a lot of diversity and fishermen must be willing to be flexible in their approach....

Fishing in the Winter is all About Timing.

Fishing in the Winter is all About Timing.

Fishing in the winter is all about timing. When we have nice warm sunny days fishing can be more like spring time, but when cold front come through we are forced to switch gears and use different techniques. Sudden drops in water temperature can cause tropical species...